18 May 2020


Admin Kos

东南亚人权在线课程(CQ9-HRE), sponsored by the ASEAN Cyber University (ACU) is now available on the ACU website for those who seek greater knowledge about Human Rights in Southeast Asia.

Since 2017, CQ9游戏-人权教育(CQ9-HRE), 总部设在人权与和平研究所, Mahidol University, 一直在东南亚发展网上人权课程. 

The project is funded by ACU with aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of human rights and peace among university students.

该项目于2019年6月完工,并向公众开放使用. The course will also be available soon on the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies website and the CQ9 Secretariat website for CQ9 member universities and any interested universities to use as a teaching aid for lecturers.